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Strength Conditioning

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Mission Statement

De La Salle High School's Strength and Conditioning program has a core focus to enhance the athletic students' sport and life performance through fundamentals, proper technique, Olympic movements, functional training and hard work. Disciplined and dedicated coaching integrates exercise science into the various sports strength and conditioning programs thus not allowing a single sport, team or athlete to be left undeveloped.

Mark Wine


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The Spartan Athletic Development Model

  • Year One Focus: Olympic Technique - Mobility - Asymmetry Elimination - Neurological Awareness
  • Year Two Focus: Olympic Technique - Strength Development - Mobility
  • Year Three Focus: Strength & Power = Athletic Performance
  • Year Four Focus: Strength & Power = Athletic Performance

Camps and Clinics

Camp Logo

1 - Freshman Spartan Performance Training 101 
We are pleased to be able to provide everyone with a solution for a much-needed Freshman Development Program and plan for De La Salle Student-Athletes. This 0-period clinic, Spartan Performance Training (SPT) 101, is free to the DLS student-athlete. There are three sessions: Fall; Winter; and Spring. Freshman Spartan Performance Training is a program geared towards all Freshman Athletes. This preparatory program is strongly recommended to aid in the prevention of injuries; teach our athletes how to Olympic Lift; teach exercise technique; proper warm up; and cut down on the sport coach / athlete exercise confusion. If your child plans on utilizing the Athletic Performance Center for team training sessions, while in their Freshman year, then they should participate in Spartan Performance Training 101. 

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